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Experience Rome offers tours and activities in Rome.

But that's not all, we offer scheduled sightseeing tours, dinner cruises, cooking courses, wine tastings and experiences for groups and individuals.

Let us surprise and delight you with our private car or walking tours so you can discover secret places off the beaten path and authentic places where locals like to hang out.

Welcome to Rome!

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Our Offer

• A stunning range of half and full day tours in Rome and excursions to both the most popular site and places off the beaten path.

• A crackerjack team of courteous, knowledgeable and reliable English speaking guides.

• Airport transfer from Fiumicino and Ciampino by shuttle, private car, or limousine.

Excellent service and reliability for simple transfers or multi day driving excursions.

Getting Creative

Our tours and transfers have been so successfully made that we have developed our own unique tours and experiences which we offer to travel agents and tour operators.


Thanks larry for organizing the wine promenade. We had a great time and tried out our very dodgy french!! It was good to see some great old cafes and get an insight into the french wine psyche. We'll be back in Rome next summer and look forward to using your web site again.

This is what we aim for Larry..Good job... Thank you - US travel agent

What's On

National Geographic. Mother Earth
curated by Guglielmo Pepe, editor in chief National Geographic Italy
6 February - 2 May 2010
Spazio "fontana" - via Milano 13
Free admission

National Geographic Italia presents the second photographic showcase dedicated to protection of the planet, entitled "Mother Earth".

A photographic exhibition cannot offer solutions or dictate the terms of a program to defend the earth, but, thanks to the power of the images, it can illustrate the areas where the effects of climate change are most apparent, so their beauty and biodiversity, their territorial and marine riches can be protected, ensuring the survival of the human and animal populations.

The images - for the most part as yet unpublished in the magazine. There are many ways to protect our planet, and sometimes even simple everyday gestures will do. The photographers and National Geographic Italia want to contribute to safeguarding "Mother Earth" through their work, with the stirring power and beauty of pictures that encourage reflection and do not leave the observer indifferent.

Mother Earth will feature 101 of the most striking images captured by photojournalists whose work is published in National Geographic. The 58 photographers are among the best in their field in Italy and the world.



The Legend of Rome

Pz del Poppolo
Learn more

The history of Rome, like that of all other ancient peoples, is made up largely of traditions. According to the Roman legends, after the fall of Troy, it is said that the, Aeneas, fled from the ruins with his father Anchises, and his son, Ascanius. He landed on the shores of Italy and was assured by omens that Latium was to be the seat of a great empire. He founded the city of Lavinium, and after his death his son Ascanius transferred the seat of the kingdom to Alba Longa. Here his descendants ruled for three hundred years. The throne was then usurped by prince Amulius.

To secure himself against any possible rivals, he forced his brother’s daughter, Rhea Silvia, to take the vows of a vestal virgin. Instead, she became the mother of twin children, Romulus and Remus; their father was Mars, the god of war. Amulius caused the children to be thrown into the Tiber; but they remained under the guardianship of the gods.

Drifting ashore at the foot of the Palatine hill, they were nursed by a she-wolf, and were brought up at the home of a neighboring shepherd. And when they had grown to manhood, they founded 753BC the city of Rome on the Palatine, where they had been providentially rescued. In a quarrel between the two brothers, Remus was killed, and Romulus became the king of the new city. After his death he was worshiped under the name of Quirinus.

A Sabine named Numa Pompilius was elected as the second king of Rome. Numa is represented in the legends as the founder of the Roman religion and said to have divided the year into twelve months.

Colosuem at Night
Novona at Night
Circus Maximum

Your Private Guide to Rome

We have an extensive network of tour guides, hotels, apartments, transfer vehicles and specialty tours in Rome and the surrounding Castelli Romani. This allows us great flexibility to custom plan any type of vacation for individuals, groups and travel agents.

We specialize in cultural travel, cooking, culinary and wine experiences, art and photography and experience that will enrich your stay in the Eternal City. This season we have created Gourmet Walking Tours, Wine Promenades and Film Tours.

One of the highlights of any trip to Rome is a half day photography tour to discover the hidden parts of the city with a local who will open up a whole new world to you. During the summer you can even book a tour with a National Geographic photographer.


Sightseeing Tours

We offer a large selection of tours in Rome and surrounds. We offer both scheduled and private city sightseeing tours and activites.

Rome Wine and Food

Wine Adventures

Wine has been made in Rome and its environs for several thousand years, that is ever since the Romans learned from the Persians to grow vines. Rome's wines, led by Frascati and Marino, were traditionally, pleasingly soft though not so sweet as to overwhelm the flavor of food. We offer city tastings as well as scheduled and private wine tours to Frascati and Roman Hills.


Culinary Adventures

At the Scoglio restaurant you will find a haven where good, honest, traditional food has been honored since 1928. It is here that you will learn how to make authentic pasta, pizza or go on the market visit and learn to make a traditional dishes. And, for the first time In Rome you can now book a gourmet walking tour.