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Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museums and their immense wealth of art offer an extraordinary experience in which the relevance of the works on display is heightened by the splendor of the structures in which they are displayed. The popes were among the first sovereignswho opened art collections to the public to promote knowledge f art history and culture. The Museums originated as a groupof Greek sculptures collected by Pope Julius II (1503-1513) -the first being the famous Apollo Belvedere, which is actually a Roman copy of a Greek original. In 1506 it was joined by the Laocoön. (You can see both these famous statues in the Belvedere Courtyard). This collection of Greek and Roman sculpture was an inspiration to Renaissance artists to look back at Greek culture and arts. The collection was added to and re-grouped throughout the next two centuries. Since then many different works of art were acquired and in 1854 Pope John XXIII moved the combined collections into the Vatican Museums where they stand today.

In 1932 the definitive seat of the Vatican Picture Gallery (the Pinacoteca), was inaugurated near the monumental entrance of the Vatican Museums. The collection contains some masterpieces of the greatest artists of the history of Italian painting, from Giotto to Beato Angelico, from Melozzo da Forlì to Perugino and to Raphael, from Leonardo to Tiziano, to Veronese, to Caravaggioand to Crespi.

The gem of the collections at the Vatican is the Sistine Chapel with its famous frescoed ceiling by Michelangelo. No other workof art can compare with its power and magnificence and is amongWestern civilization’s greatest achievements. Painted ashe lay on scaffolding for four years (1508-1512), it depicts the biblical story of Creation in nine scenes. The frescoes underwenta complete restoration between 1979 and 1999 and Michaelangelo’s startling use of light and color has been revealed in its truebeauty. The “Last Judgement”, behind the altar, is equally powerful and was painted at the end of Michelangelo’s life. When Pope Pius III saw it on completion in 1541 it brought him to his knees. The Sistine Chapel has served as the gathering place of the College of Cardinals when the time comes to elect a new pope, since its completion in the 16th century

Another highlight of the Vatican Museums is Raphael’s famous stanza (several rooms containing many of the artist’s masterpieces). In 1508 Pope Julius II employed Raphael to decorate the rooms with biblical scenes. The result was a Renaissance tour de force. Of the four rooms, the second and third were decorated mainly by Raphael. Giulio Romano (circa 1499-1546) and other assistants of Raphael decorated the others. Not to be missed is Raphael’s large wall painting titled "The School of Athens" in the room ‘Stanza della Segnatura’, which was executed in 1510-1511. In it Raphael depicted the great pre-Christian thinkers, Aristotle, Plato, etc., with the faces of the leading artists of Raphael’s day, including competitor, Michelangelo.

The Museums also offer a great variety of other collections, including ancient Greek as well as Roman art (of which the Vaticanowns the largest collection in the world), and Egyptian and Etruscan art.


Located twenty miles aast of Rome. Although the city of Rome was supposedly developed subsequent to Tivoli, it was apparently established four centuries after Rome. In the past, it was the most favourite holiday resort for the Romans, because of it’s mild climate and magnificent panoramas of the city and the Latium plain, as well as a worshiping place for local religions.

Ostia Antica

Founded around the 4th century BC as a military base between the mouth of the Tiber and the coast, Ostia soon became the commercial port of ancient Rome and for this reason was tightly connected to its history. The goods destined to the support of the capital, but also to its urban development and entertainment industry, came through here. Grain, oil, wine, precious marble, animalsfor the circus, arrived here from all over the Mediterranean, and were often transferred onto smaller boats that went up the river hauled by oxen on the river banks, up to the port in Rome.

The city was very well connected to Rome by the Tiber river and the ancient roads of Via Ostiense and Via Portuensis. These roads were noted as being the busiest in the Roman Empire!

It is easy to imagine Ostia as a thriving town of 80,000 people as we walk through the rather well preserved remains of the forum, the baths, temples, and residential neighborhoods that must have housed many foreigners as well.



Code of Conduct

Vatican Mass
Dress & Behavior

Strict dress codes are especially adhered to at St. Peter's,

No skirts above the knee, shorts, or sleeveless tops, but it’s okay to wear jeans.

You can still buy disposable pants and/or t-shirts and scarves on sale in the souvenir shops just outside St. Peter's.

One way to get around this is to carry long pants and a shirt/blouse with sleeves in a bag or backpack so that when you wish to enter a church, you can slip these garments on over your inappropriate attire before you enter.


Castelli Romani

Take the Tour

Driving south of Rome, high up above the Eternal City towards Castelgondolfo summer residence of the Pope, take the opportunity to relax for a few hours away from the city traffic by the Lake Albano that is perched on the rim of a crater overlooking the third-century Roman amphitheatre and the Capuchin church.

Vatican 5

Shore Tours from Civitavecchia

We offer several itineraries especially for cruise passengers- experiences designed to offer all the best of Rome and her surrounding areas through full-day shore excursions. Each of our itineraries begin with a private luxury car waiting for your clients as them disembark at the Port of Civitavecchia, which will return them there at the end of the day to board their departing cruise ship.

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paris car tours

See Rome

Our private car will take you to the heart of Rome where they will meet their personal guide for a day of touring the essential sights of the Eternal City. Once in Rome, you may choose from among our many private itineraries, or allow us to customize a special day of touring.


ceiling sistine chapel

See the Vatican

Starting at Saint Peter's Square, from the elliptic colonnade devised by Bernini, utilising the optical illusions typical of the baroque period, we arrive at the Basilica, journeying through its history and the artistic masterpieces.



See Tivoli

Beautiful gardens, splendid villas, unparalleled artistic and architectural grandeur- all of this lies just two hours away from the port of Civitavecchia in the striking ancient city of Tivoli. This day-trip is a perfect shore excursion for those interested in the rich history and natural beauty that lies outside of Rome


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