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Rome Gourmet Food Tours


Roman Food

Gardeners raise the tastiest of peas, zucchini and fava beans, specialize in artichokes tender enough to eat raw, or to fry in the style of Rome's Jewish ghetto as carciofi alla giudia. The region's own species of rucola (rocket) and the wild ruchetta make splendid salads, as do puntarelle, spear-like endive dressed with raw garlic and anchovies.

The hills of northern Latium are noted for extra virgin olive oils, protected under the DOPs of Canino and Sabina.

Roman menus feature spaghetti alla carbonara and bucatini all'amatriciana, as well as tubes of rigatoni and penne. Fresh pasta may be flat as lasagne, rolled as cannelloni or cut in strips as the celebrated fettuccine al burro, often identified with a restaurant called Alfredo. Gnocchi from potatoes or durum wheat semolino are also popular around the region, as are polenta and rice.

Seafood plays a role in the daily diet, with mussels, clams, shrimp, squid, cuttlefish and palombo shark fresh from the ports of Fiumicino and Anzio, alongside the indispensable baccalà. Also to be found are large prawns called mazzancolle and gamberi,sea bass called spigola, as well as imported oysters and lobsters.

Romans adore abbacchio, milk-fed lamb roasted for Easter feasts though delicious year-round. They also eat their share of beef and veal, whose prime cuts were traditionally reserved for the bourgeosie and whose other parts, tripe, brains, entrails, liver, heart, even feet and tails, went into the zestful dishes of the common people. Pork is prized as porchetta, roasted by butchers in the Castelli Romani and sliced warm for sandwiches at the city's street markets. Many recipes rely on guanciale, salt pork from the jowl, though the traditional lard has been steadily replaced as a cooking fat by olive oil from the Sabine hills. The rustic country bread of Genzano in the Castelli Romanirates an IGP.

Pecorino Romano DOP prevails among cheeses. Latium also makes the fresh buffalo milk cheese that qualifies under the Mozzarelladi Bufala Campana DOP, centered in Campania, the similar provatura and tasty young marzolino from the milk of sheep or goats. Ricotta may be eaten fresh or salted and dried for grating.

Rome is noted for gelato, lenten raisin buns called maritozzi, cream-filled pastries called bignè, rum-soaked fruit and nut cake called pan giallo and a custard cake drenched with syrupy liqueurs known as zuppa inglese. The city's coffee bars are famous for espresso from freshly roasted beans. Meals often end with a glass of sweet sambuca liqueur, sipped with three coffee beans to munch on.

White wines dominate Latium's production, whose 23 DOCs are led by the versatile Frascati and Marino from the Castelli Romani and the mythical Est! Est!! Est!!! from Montefiascone to the north. Yet some of the finest wines are reds of Cerveteri, Velletri, a trio from the Cesanese vine or unclassified bottles based on Cabernet and Merlot.

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Gourmet Walking Tour Rome

An eating experience is a return to our to youth when food was natural and we were not told what to eat - we knew what to eat because it was good.

Come with us on a discovery of typical Roman food on one of our Gourmet walking tours. You'll visit both popular and secret places.

I have made the rounds myself and it was delicious.

Photos: ©L.Davis & T.Boccaccio

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Gourmet Promenade

Experience some of the secret local food and wine places in Rome on this private guided tour.

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250€ for 2 with tastings

Departures: 9:30 or 4pm

Duration: 3 1/2 - 4 hrs

Stop 1 : Chocolate shop : Taste chocolate made from secret recipes which have been kept secret for decades.

Stop 2 : Coffee mousse or hot coffee and visit of the roast room with explanations about how the coffee is prepared and roasted in the most famous coffee shop in Rome.

Stop 3 : Ice Cream Shop:

Stop 4 : Wine in Campo de' Fiori

Stop 5 : Restaurant near the church of Santa Barbara to try Filetto di Baccalà (fried filet of stockfish) + 1 glass of DOC wine, mineral water, olives, nuts etc .

Vatican at Sunset

Vatican Visit + Gourmet Tour

The tour starts with a VIP pick up from your hotel or apartment and fast entry with your pre reserved and pre paid tickets. Your guide will meet you at your hotel or entrance to the Vatican museum as you wish.

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370€ group of 2

Tour Duration: 4hrs


Private VIP transfer to Vatican Museum
Private Licensed Guide
Entry and Reservation Fees

You begin your tour in the Vatican Museums. We'll stop by the octagonal courtyard which holds some of the greatest statues in the world and then walk through the many halls of the museums to reach the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel for a detailed explanation of the beautiful frescoes in these rooms by some of the greatest artists of the Renaissance. On the way visit the Candlestick Gallery, Tapestries Gallery, Geographic Maps Gallery, S. PioV Gallery, and Sobieski’s Room.

After the Museum tour you will pass through St Peters Square, Castel Sant Angelo and then stop for a fantastic ice cream, visit a wine bar in Campo di Fiori, and try Fillet di Baccala, a traditional Roman dish of Fish and then you are free fro lunch if you have room. Along the way you will hear stories and visit interesting shops and churches on the way.

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