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Tony, I just wanted to say hi and thank you again for the great photo tour in and around Rome. My Photography is going to be shown exclusively at the Jose Eber Salon in the Four Seasons Resort Aviara. I am also going to get paid rent for showing them and trying to sell them. I couldn't have done this without your guidance. If your schedule allows and you can make it down south, Alan and I would love to see you and I would love to show off my work that you helped me see and capture.

Eugenio: I would like to thank you for your hospitality and words of wisdom on food preparation during our stay in Rome last week. You have inspired us and we are very excited about making our own pizzas with authentic ingredients. I was able to find the 00 flour - made by "Caputo" and imported from Italy. We planted our tomatoes in the garden and we are looking forward to making great pizzas. We don't use the metric system but I was able to go to the store and by a conversion measuring device so we can experiment with the various ingredients.

We really enjoyed learning the techniques - the lunch and the wine were very good!! - Thank you again!!



Rome thru the Lens

piazza navona
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Anthony Boccaccio leads Adventures thru the Lens, a truly unique experience in an extraordinary setting and a rare opportunity to ask a real life stories about his exploits in Rome where he lived many years speaks Italian fluently and knows the "secrets" of the city, the locals and the best restaurants. Or ask him about his 20 year adventure photographing the Amazon.

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St Petere Dome
Campo di Fiori
Secret Rome

Sightseeing Tours in Rome and the Roman Hills

We offer a large selection of tours in Rome and surrounds. We offer both scheduled city sightseeing tour and dinner cruises.

We also have a crackerjack team of driver guides and experts in various fields like cooking, wine, art and photography who accompany clients on our ever expanding program of tours and experiences which we develop in house for tour operators and travel agents primarily in the US and UK. So our standards have to be high.

rome pan

City Day Tours & Activities

Join us in the historical center of Rome. There are many fun ways to see Rome. On a Segway, Open Top Bus, Coach, Walking Tours, Photography Safaris or let us a organize a tour with a private guide.

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Panoramic Overviews

arrowOverview Tours

See the main attractions and monuments of Rome by car, coach or on foot...

arrowBike Tours

Sunday morning when there is no traffic join our local English speaking guide who will show you the city and its monuments.

arrowSegway Tours

Relive the days of Ancient Rome while you glide by the most spectacular places of Imperial Rome on the coolest ride of the 21st Century!

arrowHop On Hop Off Bus and Boat Tours

Explore Rome at your own pace on an extensive hop-on hop-off itinerary through the heart of Rome. The buses are open top which allows you to enjoy full 360 degree panoramic views as you travel along your route.

arrowShore Excursions

We offer several itineraries especially for cruise passengers- experiences designed to offer all the best of Rome and her surrounding areas through full-day shore excursions.

arrowShopping Tours

For those wanting a break from sightseeing and ready to live La Dolce Vita, our guides can reveal some of the best shopping in Rome.


Rome thru the Ages

According to the Roman legends, Rome began after the fall of Troy. The tours in this section allow you to discover its developments as seen through the context of the great religions.

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Theme Tours

arrowVatican, St Peters and Papal Blessings

Vatican Museums and their immense wealth of art offer an extraordinary experience in which the relevance of the works on display is heightened by the splendor of the structures in which they are displayed.

arrowImperial Rome

Walking from the magnificent Trajan's Column our guide will show you, along the Via dei Fori Imperiali, the ruins of the fora that the great emperors had built as lasting memory of their power...

arrowMedieval Rome

From Piazza Venezia we go towards the nearby Piazza del Gesù, historical head-quarter of the Jesuits, where our guide will show you the church "Il Gesù", prototype of the main Jesuit churches in the world...

arrowChristian Rome

Discover the Christian world within Rome, beginning at the most ancient and greatest Basilica dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary...

arrowJewish Rome

We will spend roughly 3 hours touring the oldest Jewish community in Europe, appreciating the legacy of the first Jewish merchants who traversed the Tiber into ancient Rome...


secret fountain in rome

Secrets & Mystery Tours

When the sun sets on Rome, another side of the city comes to life, an older and more mysterious Rome where fact & legend are intertwined to stimulate the imagination as much as the eye

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Mystery, Secrets & Hidden Rome

arrowSecret Rome Tours

Discover imperial and early Christian Rome by peeling back layers and millenniums of history as you descend into the Eternal city’s underground burial chambers, its long winding catacombs and its crypts...

arrowDiscover Trastevere

Discover the other side of the river...

arrowPhotoSleuths - Photographing Hidden Rome

Learn to tell stories in images as you follow an expert photographer on paths less traveled ...

Capitoline Museum

Fine Art, Film, & Photos Tours

The Vatican museum, Borghese Gallery and Capitoline museums hold some of the most remarkable renaissance and baroque works of arts and ancient sculptures you can imagine. Or why not take one of our film tours or get creative and take an amazing photo tour.

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Art & Creativity

arrowBorghese Gallery

A great journey into Villa Borghese, Rome’s favorite and most important green space, celebrated by artists and the inspiration of writers and musicians...

arrowCapitoline Museums

This private tour will help give face, form and expression to the gods and to the key personalities who inhabited the squares, temples and houses of the ancient city. The museum houses the busts of Cicero, Julius Caesar, Nero, Homer, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle

arrowVatican Museum & St Peters

The Vatican Museums and their immense wealth of art offer an extraordinary experience in which the relevance of the works on display is heightened by the splendor of the structures in which they are displayed.

arrowBaroque Rome

We start this enchanting walk from the Quirinal, the highest of Rome's 7 hills and the one where ancient Romans and later the Popes built their residences...

arrowAdventures thru the Lens - Half Day Photography Tours

Imagine a tour in Rome with National Geographic photographer Tony Boccaccio

arrowRome Movie Tours

4 exciting walking routes to discover Rome through the lens of the famous directors. You can visit the places fined in Roman Holiday, La Dolce Vita, Gladiator and so many iconic movies.

Wine Tastings and Cooking

Wine, Tastings & Cooking

Take a sip of history on a Rome wine tasting experience or why not a try a cooking class in a famous Neopolitan restaurant and learn to make Pasta or Pizza.

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Wine & Cooking in Rome

arrowCooking in Rome

Chef Rossi presents a brief introduction on the traditions of the Italian Mediterranean kitchen and historic-social evolutions. Instruction on the preparation of hand-made “pasta all‘uovo,” and two types of sauces.

arrowWine Tasting in and around Rome

Join us in the historical center of Rome for an intimate hour spent with wine expert or in the vineyards of the Castelli Romani or experience Rome like the Romans on a wine promenade with your own Sommelier.

arrowGourmet Secrets

Come with us on a discovery of typical Roman food on one of our Gourmet walking tours. You'll visit both popular and secret places.